TRUTH Truth is always there! The barrier is the illusion of understanding… Foolish! Foolish really… This search for the “a-ha!” moment. Sit silently Feel truth penetrate the being Like waves Resonating perpetually Deeper and deeper Into the infinity of the being Foolish! Foolish really… This need to agree or disagree. Sit silently Make the being Read More

A Message For 2018 – The Year of Mastery

Ah… a New Year! Its so exciting to be at the threshold of a gateway. Always an opportunity to re-assess and re-fortify our intentions, and action plans. Of course gateways are always available to us, whenever we decide to open and step into them, but the passage into a New Year is one of those Read More

Sadhana: the creative flow

Yoga Practice is Sadhana. Sadhana means a daily spiritual practice, a daily commitment we make towards our own evolution. We are all committed to something. Consciously or unconsciously we function through certain internal commitments/beliefs. We vibrate specific frequencies which set the tone for the habits/patterns we carry. If we are not consciously creating and nursing Read More