Overnight Sacred Sound Gong Concert – Through The Veil



Through The Veil – Overnight Sacred Sound Gong Concert –

An unforgettable night of Sacred Sound.

Come relax, meditate and sleep to the primordial Sacred Sounds of the Planetary Gongs.

Just like the ancient sleeping temples this sacred space is very conducive to healing and transformation.

Join Gong Master Trinity Devi and the Sound Avatars and Sound Benders of the Gong Avatar Academy Miami

Pre-Registration Recommended

Bring yoga mat, blanket, pillow, sleeping bag or compact sleeping pad, and comfortable clothing.

Think “camping” and bring whatever you need to set yourself comfortably on the floor for the night.

Concert Agenda:

7:30 pm – Event Opens doors, registration.

8:00 pm – Event begins – Welcoming, Tune in and Intention Setting

8:45 pm – Yoga & Meditation

10:00 pm – 6:00 am – Sacred Sound Gong Concert

6:00 am – Wake-up and closing ceremony with yoga, dance, sharing

7:30 am – Event ends

Trinity Devi is a Gong Master, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Vibrational Healer.

Through an extensive background in Yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom, Self-mastery practices, mysticism and energetic healing modalities, Trinity Devi brings wisdom, clarity and a powerful transformative energy to every session.

Her profound affinity and dedication to the practice of Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Sound and the Gongs has led her to teach trainings for the Gong Avatar Academy in Miami, contributing to a growing community of conscious Gong players, not just in Florida, but also other US states and internationally.

Through teaching, coaching and healing modalities, her mission is to awaken within each human being their full potential for self-mastery, expanding awareness, fortifying commitment and authenticity, and manifesting from a place of deep peace within, a more joyful, healthy and fulfilled life.

Gong Avatar Academy – Miami

Founded by Master Gong Avatar, Sotantar Suraj in Newport Beach , CA, the Gong Avatar Academy is a growing community of Gong Avatars. In addition to our original community in CA, the GAA has also expanded to the East Coast with trainings in Miami, FL led by Trinity Devi.

Through a process of direct apprenticeship we dive into a journey of self study of the Force Within and in All. We use the Gong as a mirror, studying and applying ancient and modern practices in the matrix, using the principles of nature and the universe, sound and vibration to enjoy the totality of who we are.

This is a journey towards Awareness and Self-Empowerment, raising in consciousness as individuals and collectively.

Discovering a beyond mastery state. Commanding and accepting all our thoughts , emotions, feelings and actions. Cultivating the Avatar State, embracing the One and the All.

For more information on Trinity Devi and the Gong Avatar academy visit:

www.trinitydevi.com & www.gongavataracademy-miami.com

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