Sublime Sound: A Winter Solstice Celebration

Sublime Sound: A Winter Solstice Celebration
December 20, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Bodhi Yoga Studio
8864 SW 129th Terrace
FL 33176
Sublime Sound: A Winter Solstice Celebration @ Bodhi Yoga Studio

Sublime Sound
A winter Solstice Celebration
with Trinity Devi & Emily Sat Sukh

Join us for a very special evening…

Celebrating the Winter Solstice with a Sublime journey into Sacred Sound.

From the darkness of Solstice comes the rebirthing of the Sun.
A time for inner reflection and renewal calling us to join
in community, ritual, intention, meditation, surrender and celebration.

The rhythms of nature pull our lives into its embrace. As our pocket of the Earth tilts away from the Sun, the rhythm of our days bring shorter daylight and longer moonlight. Our internal rhythm invites quiet, reflecting the nourishing quietude of more darkness. The cosmos are perfect in their push and pull, wax and wane, crest and fall. As we link our life cycles and movements with the rhythms of nature, we experience greater contentment. This Winter Solstice, we honor this cycle of restful calm with a sublime journey into sound. Trinity Devi and Emily Sat Sukh weave the vibrations of the ethers together with the vibrations of our collective heart to bring us all into closer harmony with the pulsations of our Earth.

The evening will begin with a circle of greeting and intention, and we’ll soon relax into the sweet sounds of soothing mantra, led by Emily Sat Sukh. As we release our daily puzzlements and stressors into the waves of our voices resounding together, we make room for the experience of our innate bliss. Within the vibrations of song, we forget our minds fixations and remember our heart’s knowing of our never-separateness. From the ecstasy of free-flowing song, we’ll ease into a peaceful orchestra of Tibetan singing bowls, wood and bamboo flutes, and majestic gongs.

Sound is a bridge that can link us to the subtle realms of our existence. The Sound of the Gong is the sound of creation. It is that sound that can bring us closer to the beginning, the source to which our souls long to reconnect. When the longing of the soul is fulfilled, we experience Bliss. Trinity Devi will immerse us in the powerful Sacred Sound of Planetary Gongs, and we’ll be sent out into a blissful meditative relaxation. The Sacred Sound Current will take you where you need to go, and within you can be found a deep well of insight and healing energy. A deep letting go, entraining, realigning and renewing the magnetic field to the highest possible resonance.

Registration $40

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