• Tarot Spread for 2020

    A message for 2020

    Dear friends, As I do every year, today I pulled a Tarot spread for the incoming year of 2020. Here is the message I received for us all. I hope this is helpful. Leave me a comment below about how you resonate with this message. We may be finding ourselves in some inner conflict or anxiety or even strife with our own creative expression. A feeling of limitation and restriction. Yet simultaneously this divine dissatisfaction is creating a strong resolution to cut through anything fixed or restricted, any limitation to our mental creativity. The past has brought us lessons that pushed us to break old family patters and conditionings, we…

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    May is here and it begun with a beautiful new moon in Taurus. Grounding, sensual, and also demanding… Demanding us to become clear about what we really give value to. Demanding us to do the inner work and make sure we are in alignment with these values.  How committed are we to that which we say we value? That is the interesting thing about commitment… we tend to think of it as a fixed state… we tend to think that is enough to say that we are committed… but the steadiness of our commitment is in the willingness to commit again and again and again… at each breath… At each…

  • Tarot Message for 2019

    Message for 2019

    Every year I pull a message for the New Year to come from a Tarot spread. Here is the message I received to share for 2019. May this message inspire and guide all who read it to enjoy 2019 to its fullest potential. Happy New Year 2019!!! Tarot Message for 2019 Currently we may find ourselves working to resolve conflicts. Be it that these conflicts are manifesting in the world around us or in our innerscape, to be able to move through their complexities we must keep balanced in our center yet flexible and willing to expand. The four absolute necessities of conflict resolution are: to show up, pay close…

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    TRUTH Truth is always there! The barrier is the illusion of understanding… Foolish! Foolish really… This search for the “a-ha!” moment. Sit silently Feel truth penetrate the being Like waves Resonating perpetually Deeper and deeper Into the infinity of the being Foolish! Foolish really… This need to agree or disagree. Sit silently Make the being available Just by being Courage! Courage to just sit with truth No agenda Courage! Courage to let go of understanding When the being is available When the being is open When the being is just being Then only then, can truth impregnate Deeper and deeper… Infinitely so… Don’t fear the untruth Sit silently Staying true…

  • Celebrate Love - Venus conjunct Neptune

    Celebrate Love (Venus & Neptune Conjunct)

    This small piece on celebrating Love was written on Valentine’s Day, but as I was rushing around on that day it didn’t get posted. I  ended up reading it to the participants on my last New Moon workshop, and although I still wanted to post it Valentine’s Day seemed long passed and it did’t seem appropriate anymore. As I realized Venus & Neptune are conjunct in the sky today, here is the perfect opportunity to share this with you and to celebrate a higher octave LOVE!   Celebrate Love Let your relationships be a reflection of a bigger picture Love you carry inside of you. Feel the warm and tingly sensations…

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    Transcendence Album Release

    Very excited to announce the release of a new Album today. The first track in this CD features 108 repetitions of the Gayatri Mantra for you to meditate with and chant along. The chanting is accompanied by the sound of the Sun Gong providing a very powerful platform for this meditation. Tracks 2 and 3 feature “tantric” combinations of Gongs. These combinations can be great to bring a sense of balance and wholeness into our being. Track 4 features the chant “Ang Sang Wahe Guru” accompanied by the Sun & Pluto Gongs. This mantra is a mantra of bliss and ecstasy. The Sounds of the Sacred Gong create a field…

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    Relationships and Duality

    February is the month number 2 and it seems so appropriate that Valentine’s Day is celebrated during this time. 2 represents duality, and duality is the realm of existence in which we are able to experience relationships. Relationships in our lives, be it of the romantic type or not, will always be mirroring our ability to relate to the duality or conflicts we carry within ourselves. Yes, romantic relationships usually are at the focus of attention, but the same concepts can be applied to relationships in general, and not only with people, but also with life situations and most importantly with ourselves. Onto every relationship, we project our own relationship…

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    What is in your masala box? Cloves

    Ayurveda says that food is medicine and food should never be bland. Many of the spices found in our home kitchen are known in Ayurveda to have many health benefits, and add great flavor to our cooking. This post is part of a series of posts called “What is in your masala box?” Which is the same to say what is in your spice cabinet. Let’s take a look at these amazing gifts from nature and get more inspired to use them in our daily cooking.   CLOVES Cloves are the dried flower buds of an evergreen tree. They are very aromatic with a spicy and slightly bitter taste with…

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    A Message For 2018 – The Year of Mastery

    Ah… a New Year! Its so exciting to be at the threshold of a gateway. Always an opportunity to re-assess and re-fortify our intentions, and action plans. Of course gateways are always available to us, whenever we decide to open and step into them, but the passage into a New Year is one of those special dates that facilitates this process. Especially when it comes backed with powerful numerology and astrological transits. In this post I am sharing some of these aspects about 2018 and also a Tarot message I received to share for 2018. Hope you enjoy and leave a comment below about how you are receiving this message…