A message for 2020

Tarot Spread for 2020

Dear friends,

As I do every year, today I pulled a Tarot spread for the incoming year of 2020.
Here is the message I received for us all.
I hope this is helpful. Leave me a comment below about how you resonate with this message.

We may be finding ourselves in some inner conflict or anxiety or even strife with our own creative expression. A feeling of limitation and restriction. Yet simultaneously this divine dissatisfaction is creating a strong resolution to cut through anything fixed or restricted, any limitation to our mental creativity.

The past has brought us lessons that pushed us to break old family patters and conditionings, we looked for mentors and all the possibilities to learn and support our growth, we tapped into the sacred, faith and creativity. We experienced a sense of spiritual realization, inner expansion or some kind of deep level breakthrough that unleashed a sense of more creativity, insight and perception.

Ahead of us now are powerful healing gifts of regeneration and restoration. Yet these gifts come also with a strong demand. In order to liberate ourselves from these feelings of restricted creativity, we must eliminate everything that is unnatural, conditioned or false. We must eliminate everything which is not the true self. We will be moving through a fire that will burn all that is artificial and rigid. Be gentle with yourself… you are changing…

Through this process our goal is to eliminate all fear, especially the fear of defeat. For true change and restructuring to happen we cannot encounter the new with the old. Fear of defeat always comes from a past memory that has wounded our sense of confidence and self-esteem. We must be very mindful not to over analyze and most especially not to overlay the past into the present. To create the new, we must meet the new in a new way, away from any form of past conditioning. This is really the demand which accompanies this powerful opportunity ahead.

We feel we must conclude the past. A sense of not being able to move ahead unless we can look back with a sense of accomplishment and perfection, yet this may be the very thing that keep us from turning the page. Let us learn from our past, and yet illuminate the way ahead. Conclusion also means letting go.

Communication is a priority in our environment. Skilled and honest communication. Knowing how to use the appropriate tools for each particular context we encounter, and the ability to put our gifts and talents to use.

There is definitely past sorrow affecting our thinking, however this sorrow is not being held in the heart or body, it is in fact the mind resurrecting old sad and negative parts of the past. A continuous mental tape bringing up old ways of thinking about the past. We deeply desire to let go of these mental patterns and we focus and intention we can release it.

The potential for us is to become true creators and alchemists. Achieving balance and integration through our creative expression. Being equally receptive and assertive. Balancing the masculine and feminine, transcending duality and polarity. Bringing in  the new through blending, in an artful integration of our totality.

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