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May is here and it begun with a beautiful new moon in Taurus.
Grounding, sensual, and also demanding…

Demanding us to become clear about what we really give value to. Demanding us to do the inner work and make sure we are in alignment with these values.  How committed are we to that which we say we value?

That is the interesting thing about commitment… we tend to think of it as a fixed state… we tend to think that is enough to say that we are committed… but the steadiness of our commitment is in the willingness to commit again and again and again… at each breath…

At each breath we have a choice, with each thought we have a choice… and with each choice, with each breath, with each thought we have to make sure we are re-aligning again, we need to make sure we are staying the course.

When things are going our way, its relatively easy to stay the course, but when we are faced  with adversity is often more challenging. And perhaps even more uncomfortable and challenging is when we  are faced with a blank canvas, with the Unkown… this challenges us to the core, because here there is the possibility to fulfill your full potentiality and yet there are absolutely no guarantees!

How do we stay the course? How do we keep a vision of something that cannot yet be seen? And because it cannot be seen that vision may bring judgement and doubt…

How do we stay the course  if we ourselves get lost in self-judgement and self-doubt?

From the blank anything is possible and from it we can only create or manifest a vision that can be held strongly and undisturbed in our psyche. A vision we choose to commit to no matter what.

It takes strength and focus not to get lost in the blankness of our inability to commit fully to the higher vision of ourselves.
It takes courage to hold a vision that defies the old constructs of our psyche  that holds us back.
It takes command to take the our destiny in our own hands and move beyond our mentality of victimization by fate.

Some of you may be aware that every Overnight Gong Concert has a powerful theme and intention the GAA students and I have been working with. The whole night is designed to use this theme as an alchemical device for deep transformation. The continuous sound current, at a time when our unconscious is the most active and available creates incredible possibilities.

The Blank is the theme of our upcoming concert “Pulse”. All of us in the GAA Miami have been moving through our own personal experiences with this theme, and it all culminates in this magical night on May 18th. If you are in Miami and resonating with this theme, I hope you can join us!

The Blossoming of our fullest potential is not a given. It is something we must envision and align our values, actions, thoughts, breath… align our whole being with it…

and while the canvas is still blank don’t despair… hold the vision… Keep the course… Keep up!

Thank you for being a part of this tribe.


Trinity Devi

Light to All, Love to All, Peace to All!

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