Message for 2019

Tarot Message for 2019

Every year I pull a message for the New Year to come from a Tarot spread.

Here is the message I received to share for 2019.

May this message inspire and guide all who read it to enjoy 2019 to its fullest potential.

Happy New Year 2019!!!

Tarot Message for 2019

Currently we may find ourselves working to resolve conflicts. Be it that these conflicts are manifesting in the world around us or in our innerscape, to be able to move through their complexities we must keep balanced in our center yet flexible and willing to expand. The four absolute necessities of conflict resolution are: to show up, pay close attention, communicate truthfully and remain detached form the outcome.

What is available to us right now is a powerful opportunity to experience our wholeness, and experiencing wholeness can only be done if we are able to contemplate and integrate the dark and unknown parts of ourselves. As we witness the intensity of polarities being expressed in the outer world, we can use it to recognize and witness how they also play a role internally. Remembering that the journey of awareness is never one of judgement, and instead a journey of building a powerful internal navigational system.

We may be finding ourselves currently very focused on physical and material gain. Take a moment to notice the many ways this can be expressed and what does the idea of gain even means to you.

We may have overcome fears and found faith in our creative power, we may have seen that when aligned and utilized correctly our gifts of communication, healing and inspiration can unleash the flow of prosperity and abundance on all levels of our lives…

Yet, there may still be some deep memories and programed fears within us. Unattended old wounds will always bring old fears to the surface. Fear that history may repeat itself… fear that the new may turn into the old… We must remember that fear doesn’t allow renewal and regeneration, so we must be cautious to not project our past fears into our future.

If we find ourselves in a state of deep disappointment, feeling fragile, off balance, vulnerable… its important to acknowledge it and allow these feelings to be catalysts for further transformation.

2019 is a year that can bring much renewal and regeneration. The goal to keep in mind for this year is to bring ourselves into a state of wholeness. In such a state, we may still experience desire for new beginnings, but the desire for something new does not come from avoidance or denial… the desire for the new comes from a feeling of having come full circle, from having completed cycles and accepting all our experiences as intricate parts of ourselves.

2019 is asking us to de-fragment ourselves and come into our true authentic wholeness. This is renewal and regeneration at the deepest level. Deep nurturing pleasure.

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