Celebrate Love (Venus & Neptune Conjunct)

Celebrate Love - Venus conjunct Neptune

This small piece on celebrating Love was written on Valentine’s Day, but as I was rushing around on that day it didn’t get posted.

I  ended up reading it to the participants on my last New Moon workshop, and although I still wanted to post it Valentine’s Day seemed long passed and it did’t seem appropriate anymore.

As I realized Venus & Neptune are conjunct in the sky today, here is the perfect opportunity to share this with you and to celebrate a higher octave LOVE!


Celebrate Love

Let your relationships be a reflection of a bigger picture Love you carry inside of you.

Feel the warm and tingly sensations of your heart.

Feel the overwhelming feelings of expansion of the heart, when it’s being stretched out in the most unexpected and even ordinary moments of life.

Nurture a space within you where Love can grow regardless of something or someone being on the receiving end of it. Regardless of what the Matrix may be reflecting back at you.

Let Love be a light that pours from you without a specific destination.

Like the Sun shinning in all directions onto eternity, onto infinity.

Celebrate that! A higher octave Love that fills your being and spills out into the world abundantly.

Celebrate Love and celebrate it every moment, no matter how ordinary or controversial. No matter how simple or painful. Find that place within you that can move through the ups and downs of life and yet still vibrate a constant frequency of Love.

Through laughter, through embrace, through joy, through tears, through pain, through likes and dislikes, through frustration, through acceptance… a part of ourselves is still able to radiate constant Love.

And when Love has no destination… when Love just is… then and only then… it can illuminate everything it touches.

Then it is pure Love.



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