Relationships and Duality

Relationships, Duality, Love,

February is the month number 2 and it seems so appropriate that Valentine’s Day is celebrated during this time. 2 represents duality, and duality is the realm of existence in which we are able to experience relationships.

Relationships in our lives, be it of the romantic type or not, will always be mirroring our ability to relate to the duality or conflicts we carry within ourselves. Yes, romantic relationships usually are at the focus of attention, but the same concepts can be applied to relationships in general, and not only with people, but also with life situations and most importantly with ourselves.

Onto every relationship, we project our own relationship with ourselves. Lost in this projection we fail to understand the deeper inner work that can take place if we apply the wisdom each relationship reveals about ourselves.

Operating from a projected point of view we enter into manipulative relationships, and the connections created will then be always based on possession, jealousy and power games. Isolating ourselves in a mutual reassurance game, we then feel trapped in the relationship, no matter what side of the cage we find ourselves in and without even realizing that the cage door is not really locked. The loss of freedom projected onto the relationship itself is just a reflection of the inner conflict, of not being able to accept all the facets of who we are as a totality. We create futile decisions for ourselves… “if I am this I can’t be that…” this duality ultimately creates the feeling of “if I am in a relationship, I am not free…”

Is Devotion a loss of freedom?

Devotion is a natural aspect of a true and wholesome relationship, one that allows for mutual growth and development.

Devotion in a relationship reflects our true sense of wholeness and capacity for real Love.

When we fear a loss of freedom, we close ourselves to our inner being, we close ourselves to our receptive nature, we close our hearts. When we can find security in ourselves, self-love and inner integrity, then a relationship becomes a free choice and we can devote ourselves to growing together. This combined effort if authentic will create exponential growth.

Relationships are there to teach us a way to transcend our own inner duality, so we can follow our heart, act intuitively and create harmony in the world.



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