A Message For 2018 – The Year of Mastery

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Ah… a New Year!

Its so exciting to be at the threshold of a gateway. Always an opportunity to re-assess and re-fortify our intentions, and action plans. Of course gateways are always available to us, whenever we decide to open and step into them, but the passage into a New Year is one of those special dates that facilitates this process. Especially when it comes backed with powerful numerology and astrological transits. In this post I am sharing some of these aspects about 2018 and also a Tarot message I received to share for 2018. Hope you enjoy and leave a comment below about how you are receiving this message or any other insights you may like to share.

The numerological representation of 2018 is the number 11. Eleven is a master number. In the tantric numerology it relates to the Command Center, meaning that it represents our capacity to master all of the facets of ourselves and shift gears as necessary.  Basically no matter what life throws at us we know we have the capacity to go through it and utilize it with ease and grace.  11 also adds up to 2. So dealing with polarity is a part of stepping into mastery. To transcend polarity we need to elevate our sense of identity and bring ourselves into deep communion with the divine, allowing our actions to be inspired from a higher state of consciousness  instead of  our (ego) selves.

Easier said than done, right?! Well a clue here is the gift number that comes embedded in 2018. The last two digits represent the gift. 1+8=9. Nine is also a number that relates to mastery and in tantric numerology it represents the subtle body. So the  gift  number for this year is telling us to refine ourselves and our senses and move towards more subtlety and gentleness in the way we approach life.

What I am seeing mostly from these numbers is that the matrix will be strong in its task of distracting us with externalities and also providing us every opportunity for transformation and evolution, and our job is to move inwardly and elevate our consciousness, and then ground it into real inspired action within the matrix itself.


Astrologically there are also some amazing aspects going on.

Jupiter will be in the sign of Scorpio most of the year, this is an aspect that has the potential to bring out secret revelations. We already started seeing much of that happening lately, but I am also seeing it as an opportunity for powerful downloads from the unseen or  higher consciousness (deeper consciousness). So try not to align yourself too much with the tabloids, and look for deeper revelations that might be available right now.

Saturn just moved into its own sign of Capricorn during winter solstice and it will be there for the next 2.5 years. Saturn in Capricorn will be demanding our integrity and that we walk the talk. Saturn is the master teacher, meaning that if we can be humble and disciplined enough to learn from its lessons, we can become masters ourselves. Saturn initiates us into Mastery!

Isn’t it amazing to see the numerology and astrology coming together? I love this stuff!

Another awesome aspect that is happening is the full moon on the 1st. This is a full Moon in Cancer opposing the Sun in Capricorn. And the Sun will be conjunct not only with Saturn, but also Venus and with Pluto not too far also in Capricorn. Holy smokes! I’m not even gonna attempt to put this one into words, but will give you this to think about. Pluto is about Power, and the ultimate surrender of its pursuit. Saturn is about Integrity, Venus is about Passion and Love, The Moon is reflecting all this into our emotional and intuitive self. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity is all about the play between vulnerability and power. These seemingly opposing forces are asking to be integrated. So how will you do that in 2018? How will you come into your power, into your mastery without loosing your precious vulnerability? How will you balance the masculine and feminine forces within you?

Osho once explained that the most refined essence is always the most fragile and vulnerable. That vulnerability is what gives its beauty. Think of a rose and the fragility of its petals.

How can you allow your most refined essence to blossom, if in your search for empowerment you loose your ability to stay vulnerable?  This my friends its Mastery! Welcome to 2018!

To top off this divine puzzle here is the message I received to share with you all about 2018. And yes, it fits into this so perfectly is hard to believe. Enjoy and please share your thoughts on the comments below.



Tarot reading for 2018 (by Trinity Devi)

Here we are at this portal getting ready for 2018. In us is this burning desire to release old patterns that may still bring in us  a sense of sorrow. We want balance and intellectually we know that it can be achieved only through methodical action in a step by step process

We desire success and we want to see tangible results. For that we need to remind ourselves that manifestation is a product of strong commitment, willingness to take risk, trusting our intuition and putting our energy into the task at hand.

2018 will mostly demand that we release our fears, especially fear of failure. We need to stay steady in our intentions and actions, moving forward, especially when we feel a sense of failure.

We are  moving  through transformative times that are requiring us to bring expansion and balance into this dimension, and requiring us to flow with change.

The more we get in touch with our sense of passion and Vitality, the more we can exude peace and contentment for ourselves and others.

2018 will be a year demanding us to refine ourselves and refine our relationships, find balance and learn to integrate polarities.

We are ready and motivated to generate change and put creativity into motion, but we must move towards truth and into the inner direction of spirit and higher states of consciousness.

Passion and determination will be readily available with an intense desire to move forward and this energy will need to be properly channeled.

Internally we must be ready (and we are ready) to face our self delusions.

We must be ready (and we are ready) to face and resolve difficult decisions and relationships

2018 comes represented by the princess of disks – the pregnant one.

This is an opportunity to bring new life, to rebirth. The journey may be long, but with passion we can manifest our gift into this physical dimension, and find balance again.

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Inspiring quotes to take you through 2018

Mastery is a continuous condition. Whether we accept it, believe it, have achieved it, or not, it’s there, waiting for us to rise up into its occasion.” – Guru Singh Yogi


You thought, as a boy, that a mage is one who can do anything. So I thought, once. So did we all. And the truth is that as a man’s real power grows and his knowledge widens, ever the way he can follow grows narrower: until at last he chooses nothing, but does only and wholly what he must do.”  – Ursula K. LeGuin


The Secret of the Warrior is that they’ve learned how to draw their life-force away from their weaknesses… and into their mission.”  – Jai Dev Singh


You do not understand discipline. Discipline is the only friend, other than God, that you have.’  – Yogi Bhajan



4 thoughts on “A Message For 2018 – The Year of Mastery

  1. Jenni B says:

    Lovely Tati. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights. Jenni

    I’m going to share this with my sister in Panama.

    Happy New year my friend.

  2. Ernie Novo says:

    Sat Nam Trinity Devi!

    This insight is great foundation to build on. Onwards toward mastery of ourselves and the manifestation of our gifts.

    Thank you!!

  3. Aliette says:

    Thank you, Tatiana! The way you explain this makes so much sense. Definitely a very active year ahead! I especially love the quotes you posted at the end. Sat Nam !

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