Conscious Giving and Gift Ideas

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Conscious Giving

Its that time of year and many people are running around in this frantic look out for gifts.

Giving a gift is a very special way to communicate our love, reverence, care and appreciation toward others, but many times this ritual becomes more of an empty and often stressful practice that does not satisfy the giver or the receiver.

Keep it simple, tune in to the person you are giving to and to what it is you are trying to communicate with your gift. What is your gift saying?

When we give in a more conscious way, we stop to think about what gifts would be supportive and nourishing for the evolution of the person on the receiving end. Every gift is an opportunity to contribute to somebody’s well being. The other side of this is that with every gift you can also be supporting a local artist, healer, cook, teacher, farmer… you name it… making impact not only in the lives of those who receive your gift, but also those who offer the service/product you are purchasing. Helping empower real people in your own community to share their gifts.

Here I share some ideas of gifts for this holiday season, featuring some of my own offerings, and including offerings from others who I personally know and highly recommend because of how much expertise, love, integrity and heart they put into their Gifts.

Hope you can find some inspiration in this list.

Note: each item on the list is a link.


The Gift of Sacred Sound

Los Angeles

The Gift of Health & Healing


The Gift of Art & Beauty

The Gift of Wisdom


The Gift of Yoga

  • Bodhi Yoga Studio – This is a special boutique studio in Pinecrest. The owner and teachers create a very warm and supportive atmosphere.
  • Kundalini Life Miami – A studio dedicated to the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Sadhu the owner has created and nourished a strong sense of community and is always presenting some awesome lineup of teachers and workshops.
  • 305 Yoga Miami Lakes – I love visiting this studio. The line up of teachers and events is amazing and the sense of community here is also very strong.
  • Inhale Miami – Another great community in the heart of Miami, always highlighting many many gifted teachers/healer
  • Yoga Source – Two studios one in Plantation and one in Coral Springs. Strong sense of community and support on the yoga journey no matter where you are at.
Los Angeles
  • The Yogi Tree Center for Growth – I miss this place… a yummy studio led by the amazing Jennifer Kelly.  Heart centered, warm and supportive environment.

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