Sadhana: the creative flow

Kundalini Yoga Sadhana

Yoga Practice is Sadhana.

Sadhana means a daily spiritual practice, a daily commitment we make towards our own evolution.

We are all committed to something. Consciously or unconsciously we function through certain internal commitments/beliefs. We vibrate specific frequencies which set the tone for the habits/patterns we carry. If we are not consciously creating and nursing creative patterns/habits in our lives, than we are unconsciously falling into destructive patterns.

It is easier to fall into unconsciousness and stay in our destructive patterns, that’s why Sadhana becomes challenging. To move into creativity and evolution we must awaken and our actions must come from conscious awareness.

When Sadhana is practiced form a mind set of obligation… this is something I must do because I have been told to do it…because there is something outside of me making me do this… because there will be some reward… because we imagine a finish line somewhere…this is effort that won’t last and it is still connected to our unconscious destructive flow.

Don’t get me wrong often times that is where we need to start from, but Sadhana practice really becomes Sadhana when we can feel our effort sprouting from within… from the creative expression that want to see us through our own evolution.

As we move our bodies, as we sweat, as we struggle on the mat, as we sit, meditate, breathe…whatever range of emotions moving through us…we feel creative, we feel we are moving forward and growing. Despite the setbacks we may encounter in our practice (and in life) we still feel bliss. There is a feeling of being in the evolutionary track and moving with the creative cycle… and this track is infinite. Effort here is not achievement based. Effort here comes from being completely enthralled in the process itself.

With enough consistent practice we open and enter the creative flow. Our destructive patterns than loose momentum  and are released without effort. To maintain them would feel as if we are swimming against the current, we surrender!

We surrender to the flow of our creativity, with its source rooted deeply within ourselves… unrelated and independent from any externality… Closer to the source we connect… The Divine Creative Source emanating from within.

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